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What's MAHA?

Well, it's an acronym ... it stands for Matilda, Annabelle, Heather & Alan. That's our family. We moved to the Regional WA back in 2010, fell in love with it and now want to give something back.



A picture is worth 1000 words ... so we talk in pictures.


Our goal is to help you visualise your new project completely before you spend one cent on it.


We use the latest Engineering 3D software to produce acurate virtual models, stunning images, animated presentations and even a Bill of Materials for you or your chosen builder. Read more.

MAHA Freshwater


After working with chlorine for so long and seeing first hand its caustic effects on pool surfaces, cleaners, pool blankets, toys, my own skin, in fact anything it comes into contact with, I did some research to find out if there was a better alternative ... turns out, there is!


Ionization technology was invented by NASA back in the 60's to purify water, it costs less to run and is cheaper to buy than any chlorine dosing system. You can retro fit it to any type of pool  or spa. So why doesn't everybody know about it? Read more.


MAHA E-Tools

Do you have Microsoft office? Ever tried using an excel spreadsheet? An E-tool is just a customised excel spreadsheet created to make repetitive and time consuming jobs fast and accurate. Behind the scenes, in businesses everywhere, E-tools are making the world turn more efficiently.


We can create amazing custom E -tools to help you or your business achieve better efficiency with any day to day functions.


From budget monitors to quoting tools to accounting packages, MAHA E-Tools have a solution for you. Read more.



Our place

With over 15 years experience in engineering design and 4 years in pool system installation and maintenance I can now offer my unique skill set to the people who live in my favourite place, regional WA.

I like to set a high bar with the quality of my work and I'm never happy until the client is happy.

Innovation is very important but simple robust designs and efficient work are the keys to success.

I look forward to offering my services on your next project.

MAHA ... meet Alan