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Even colours and textures are a challenge to co-ordinate when all you have is tiny swatches and single samples as your reference tools.

Have you ever been involved in an outdoor renovation or landscape project? Sometimes they can be a joyful experience, other times a complete nightmare.

It all comes down to how well you and your builder communicate. A builder will always recommend a few options for your project, but if you can't fully visualise it or effectively explain exactly what you want, how can it get built correctly?

All to often you won't find out until the build is complete, and if it's not what you hoped for, you're up for some expensive contract variations, job delays, re-work and STRESS.


But now there is a better way.

MAHA 3D specialises in creating 3D concept models for your project and presenting them in real colour, so you get the whole picture of what your finished project will look like, before you spend one cent on it.

We can even simulate sun angles in different seasons so you can see the sunny spots in winter and the shady spots in summer.

You'll also get a Bill Of Materials for your chosen builder. It's basically a shopping list of all the stuff that's needed to complete your build so there's no confusion.

Need drawings, we can produce the General Arrangement and Site plan drawings for you too.

We also specialise in structural and mechanical design as well as 2D drafting across all disciplines.

Click on the images to the right or click the "Full Gallery" button below to see examples of what we can achieve for you.


Or send us an enquiry via the "Enquiry button".

We look forward to helping you visualise your next dream build in full and brilliant 3D.

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